Why are your products not free?
If everything was free, no one could make a living ☺ The price you pay for the invaluable AI in HR content you receive helps and us to do more of what we do best, so you can do more of what you do best.

But the cost of our books, worksheets, videos and packages isn’t just justified by the content you invest in. They also reflect the experience and passion behind the screen that you won’t find anywhere else. We’re dedicated to saving you hours of work time every day so you can work faster and more efficiently than ever before, while taking your performance and productivity to new levels.

Q: Why should I buy your AI Handbook for HR?
A: …This revolutionary guide contains a wealth of easy-to-understand and practical tips that you can implement immediately. If you want to save time on everyday HR tasks and have access to a comprehensive library of resources such as templates, structures and guidelines for setting up or improving HR systems, then this is the manual for you.

Q: Does the AI Handbook for HR include any extras?
A: Yes it does! Not only will you learn how to get the most out of AI for HR and Recruiting, but you’ll also get exclusive access to exclusive access to a comprehensive suite of worksheets, videos
videos, templates and more, as well as access to our workshops and Q&A sessions with our HR experts.

Q: How can I use ChatGPT to simplify and automate everyday HR tasks?

A: There are countless ways HR professionals can use ChatGPT to make their lives easier. For example, the AI chatbot can automate repetitive administrative tasks such as scheduling training, reminding employees of upcoming, providing instant access to training materials, answering materials, answer questions about programmes and workshops, and more.
The only way to discover the true potential of ChatGPT in an HR context is to get it today.

Q: Do you offer private sessions?
A: Yes, we do! If you are a large group with individual needs, please contact us to inquire about our private 1:1 consultations. We would want to get to know your company and its needs. Then we can give you tailored advice on how to make the most of AI in HR.

Q: What is the process after purchasing our digital products and services?
A: This is what you can expect:

Digital products (e.g. eBooks, videos, worksheets):
After purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download the products. Simply click on the link and you will have immediate access to your purchased resources.
Digital services (e.g. ChatGPT Foundations Web Seminar, HRaidvisors Excellence Package):
Once you have purchased a service, you will receive an email with a link to book your web seminar and Q&A session, which are included in the Excellence Package. Click on the link and choose a suitable date and time.
Enterprise Package:
For the Enterprise package, we recommend that you contact us directly, especially if you have individual requirements or are a large group. After purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you can make a consultation appointment to discuss your needs further. Our aim is to tailor our services to the specific needs of your organisation.
Q: Can I get everything you offer in one package?
A: For uninterrupted access to all HRaidvisors resources, content and services, we recommend you enquire about our AI HR Enterprise Package. (Pricing available on request) You will have access to all books, videos, worksheets and more, as well as access to our Q&A sessions with our HR and recruitment experts. You are also entitled to private 1:1 coaching for any number of employees. Our aim is to bring the world of artificial intelligence and its important role in the HR context to HR.

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